One Reason Why People Are Watching ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’

The New York Times best selling book turned Netflix series “Thirteen Reasons Why” has turned into an overnight national phenomenon. Why is this series catching the attention of parents, teachers, teenagers, and pretty much everyone?

While the series has many critics, this series has one main attraction. “Thirteen Reasons Why” is the most accurate show on television. As a licensed professional counselor and professional youth speaker who presents suicide prevention programs in public and private schools, I can tell you that, unfortunately, this show depicts the struggles many of our teenagers are facing.

I knew immediately when I heard about “Thirteen Reasons Why” that I would inevitably write about this show, since I speak passionately about teen suicide to our young people. I went into the show ready to be a critic. I was ready to bash it for romanticizing suicide and for depicting dark images and ideas. However, I wasn’t prepared for the overwhelming accuracy of this show. Because, if 1 in 6 women are sexually abused and 5,000 teenagers in the United States attempt suicide daily, then there are a lot of Hannah Bakers out there.

So, while there are many reasons not to watch the show, I want to focus on the number one issue depicted in “Thirteen Reasons Why.”….. … 


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