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teamheralds 8 is a team of eight passionate and vibrant young minds who started out together around April 2014. Each of them running with visions that spans across all facets of human life and existence. Diverse though their individual life’s pursuit, they are all neatly fitted into a central purpose – which is, LIVING THE PRACTICAL KINGDOM LIFE here on earth. They are bent on using the world systems – education, science, politics, family, economy, religion, entertainment – as leverages to engaging humanity for the cause of divinity. 


We honour invitations (selectively and strategically) from social, corporate and religious bodies to lecture, train, impact – as the case may be. 

We also create opportunities where there seem to be none – riding on such platforms to reaching our target audience – humanity. 

We have successfully created a wider community named HERALDS FROM EDEN – starting out with about thirty members from thirty different families. We believe that when our message gets to a member of a family, reaching the entire household would sooner or later become a reality. 

We believe more in releasing than receiving – ‘for it is more blessed to give…. ‘

We love the ‘ideal’ so much that we hate its ‘abuse’. 

We hate to see

° child beggars on the streets

° people die of ignorance, under bondage and oppression

° marriages being dashed on the rock of divorce 

° poverty dictate people’s decisions as regards life and existence 

° the creator’s wonderfully and gloriously fashioned mankind being humiliated and rendered as a mere thing. 
_Invite us for conferences, seminars, workshops, retreats, outreaches_


teamheralds 8 

Daniel Ndikom / Aduragbemi Joseph / Olaoluwa Adedeji / Olufemi Olayinka / Segun Alonge / Oyebayo Odesina / Olayinka Adeyanju / Emmanuel Sholeye


Author: smajconcepts

Segun M. Alonge Jr Innovator/CEO smajconcepts

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