Team effectiveness is enhanced when the vision and goals of the leader becomes that of the entire team.
– Segun ALONGE

Maintaining an effective team demands you:

1. Appeal to their emotions – Show them you care indeed about their welfare – not only in words but in acts as well. Be concerned about what each and every member is going through – that would raise the level of their respect and trust in you.
People are more important than ideas and goals, isn’t it? Make it obvious to them that they are.
See each one as an ambassador of your brand and cause. Their would greet that with their unflinching support and it’s effects would be clearly seen.

2. Mix harshness and kindness – A successful leader knows the balance between harshness and kindness. Your motive is all that is important here. But first, make them know how much you care about them – If they realize this, they would see your approach – even the tough ones – as a means of stretching their capacity and all round growth.
There must be a strict structure on ground for a disciplinary measure. Hard work should be encouraged and laziness should be spoken out loud against.

3. Build a successful track record – Success alone will help you to unite team members. An unsuccessful leader would soon lose his leadership grounds.
Everyone wants to identify with a successful leader. Be firm on getting tasks accomplished. Do not permit procrastination, it robs you of your success. Develop a never-say-never attitude, it should in a short while extend/rob on every member of your team.

4. Recognize your best – Everyone in your team is important. But some have distinguished themselves by their level of diligence and commitment over time. Set these ones up as examples. They would serve as natural inspiration to the uncommitted members.
Sometimes, they would be a reference point to defining your leadership success as well as the growth of the team as a whole.

One a final note, spend time together! Share ideas often and always keep re-iterating the vision and mission of the team.