Author: Mirele Mann

When you receive a book as a present, are you filled with elation?
Do the terms ‘bookworm’, ‘booklover’ or ‘bibliophile’ apply to you?
Can you relate to the simultaneous joy and agony of finishing a good book?
Do you look forward to being transported to different world every time you open a book?

The following are things all book lovers know to be true.
1. The unparalleled satisfaction that comes with organizing your bookshelf
2. Having every surface in your house covered in books
3. Knowing that the best vacation is the vacation spent reading
4. The personal anguish that follows the death of a beloved fictional character
5. Being halfway through way too many books
6. Mastering the art of reading while eating and walking
7. Being able to appreciate a beautiful book cover
8. Re-reading your favorite books until they are in near shreds
9. Promising yourself that you will only read one more page – and then staying up all night to finish the book
10. The sensation that you are in the presence of the ‘greats’ every time you step into a bookstore
11. Establishing the ideal reading nook in your apartment, complete with a fuzzy blanket and a comfy chair
12. Getting library envy anytime you look at a well stocked library.

Author: smajconcepts

Segun M. Alonge Jr Innovator/CEO smajconcepts


  1. Yeah!!!!!! you so on point! I whispered to myself recently saying ‘if I had a whole year to myself doing nothing, I know PERFECTLY what I’d be doing! you guessed right! READING!!!!
    Like Lon Woodrum responding to John Maxwell’s question why he still tries to read a book per day! here came the reply ‘… I want my 86-year-old mind to keep growing and learning. I want to die with a book in my hand’.


  2. What about the fantasy of the prospects of reading all the books there is. And the reluctance of borrowing your books out. (I personally found a art of minimizing this)


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