“My  vineyard, which is mine, is before me: thou, O Solomon must have a thousand and those that keep the fruit thereof two hundred” SOS 8:12

I, with the company of so great a number of God’s beloved, believe that in this song of songs, which is Solomon’s, also hear Christ speaking to His church – his bride and the church in a like manner, responding to His words of love in tones which His love has suggested to her. This quickly points my attention to what prayer really is. It is a communion, a conversation between two entities eternally joined in love unfeigned. You should never for a second forget that it is always a “I – You” relationship. The very knowledge of the concept of love, points to us a relationship. If God loves and He is love, there must be an object or receptor of such attribute. My vineyard (Church) which is mine (personal in nature) is before me (Christ).

So, I have no difficulty in understanding that the vineyard mentioned in the text is Christ’s church because it is so significant a symbol of the body of believers bounded together in love to their Saviour.

Two thoughts can easily be highlighted from the above text:

That Christ claims a special property in His church

That He has special regard and care for her – He constantly grooms her bride until she has attained his full stature.

Christ claims the church as His own by His father’s gift: A love-token, a reward, a sign of his father’s favour towards Him. We are His, then by donation; and as such, since the father gave us to him, we are very precious in His sight.

Next, Christ’s church is His by purchase: As Naboth, when asked to sell his vineyard to Ahab, answered the king, “The Lord forbid it me, that I should give the inheritance of my fathers’ unto thee” (1Kings 21:3), and kept it even at the cost of His dear life. Do you think that your Lord Jesus would ever part with you – His vineyard, which is not only His by inheritance from His father, but also His by purchase? Not with corruptible things (1 Pet 1:18), but with His own most precious blood. FAR BE IT FROM HIM! On you (his vineyard, his church) his blood hath fallen.




Author: smajconcepts

Segun M. Alonge Jr Innovator/CEO smajconcepts

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