Segun Mark Alonge Jr (SMAJ) 

Segun Mark Alonge Jr

Segun M. Alonge Jr is an incurable reader of Nigerian origin.

He is passionate about reaching the world with the gospel of the Kingdom of God. He believes strongly in living the kingdom life on a daily basis.

He convenes a community named ‘heralds from eden’ #HEcommunity #teamheralds8. The goal of the community is to build and strengthen the greatest institution in heaven above and on earth beneath – FAMILY

He is an advocate of financial literacy and creativity. He thrives well in tensed environments.

Creator, SMAJ Concepts – an initiative which combines literary proficiency with creative ingenuity. #smajconcepts #smaj

Initiator, paraSHIFT™ – a media organization that focuses on airing the views of young and energetic thought leaders, mavericks, initiators, activists, and subject matter experts #parashiftmag #parashifteducation

He is a conference speaker, an educator, innovator, investor, and a colonialist. #amb_smaj

He is based in #Nigeria, West Africa.


Twitter – @AlongeJr

Instagram – @thesegunalonge

LinkedIn – Segun M. Alonge Jr

eMail –


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